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Live audio sampler from Winter 2017

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Album Tracks - Beatbox Soul

Live Audio

“If you ask a thousand people who their musical influences are, you’ll likely get a thousand different answers. Some music inspires an artist when they don’t even know it.  It may be a style, a groove, or a lyric that does it; that sparks interest in a particular song or genre. Some music may be family music or school music or church music or music from a movie, TV or the theatre. 

Musical influence and inspiration is found everywhere.” 

A live studio performance on a mellow groove

L  I  S  T  E  N  I  N  G      S  T  A  T  I  O  N

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T H A N K   Y O U   F O R   L I S T E N I N G

​" The groove consists of various ideas working together in tempo and feel, creating an exciting place for music to exist. "

Studio Audio


S  O  L  O    B  A  N  D 

Groove - Driven    L I V E   L O O P I N G   A R T I S T

S  I  N  G  E  R   /   S  O  N  G  W  R  I  T  E  R