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Music from a Songwriter Grown in the Pacific Northwest

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Jim was grown in the great outdoors among the cedars and firs of Northwest Washington State, and loves cloudy, rainy days with plenty of windswept needles on the walk and oodles of muddy puddles in which to jump.​  When he’s not on the road sharing his music with the masses, Jim is right at home in the woods with his family and his fishies and a menagerie of animals.

On March 21st, 2015, Jim gave his debut CD release concert as part of Whidbey Island Center for the Arts' Local Artist Series.

August 2016: Jim visits Whatcom County during his 10 race run for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life fundraising events.

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Currently, Jim is booking his 'solo band' into the music and art scene around the greater Northwest, working to build on a promising career while nurturing his talents and spreading his love for music with audiences everywhere.

photo by Jeff McKeown

He is a singer, a bass player, a mouth-drummer, a performing musician; and since being drawn to the guitar, Jim Castaneda has embarked on a musical journey to develop his songwriting voice and live presentation.  Original Jim has been focused on writing and arranging in a performance style he calls a ‘Solo Band’; multi-layering a combination of traditional instrumentation such as guitar and keyboard with lush vocals, all backed up by a fresh approach to percussion.  Jim crafts full-form arrangements, sounding at times like a small band rather than a solo act thanks to a few carefully chosen foot pedals and a talent for multi-tasking while live on stage.

Jim spent his musical youth touring the west coast with Kickshaw, one of the area’s premier vocal bands, producing of some high quality A cappella recordings and giving dynamic live performances.  Past musical projects have included a turn of the millennium ‘mutt-rock’ party band as well as co-writing and laying down the ‘one man rhythm section’ as a beatboxing bassist in his unique folk/pop trio. 

2015 brought the musical universe a new set of original songs in the form of Jim’s debut collection on 'Beatbox Soul', a self-produced rhythm & vocal driven album that highlights the artist's easy going

style and skilled beatbox production; with his mouth providing 95% of the drums.

His debut recording gets a consistently positive reaction and 

helps to present Jim at his best throughout the industry.

Currently, Jim is working his way around the Pacific Northwest, playing events of all sorts and spreading a positive vibe that keeps a steady groove. Venues are beginning to recognize

the quality of the Original Jim sound as well as the amount of sonic

diversity this soloist brings to his musical performance. 

He is a singer, a bass player, an actor, a mouth-drummer, a performing musician; and since being drawn to the guitar, Jim Castaneda has embarked on a musical journey to develop his songwriting voice.  A native of Washington State, Jim Castaneda was born in Seattle on the first day of Fall a few decades ago. He began singing with the jazz choir and his a cappella quartet as a high school senior and then went on to perform with one of the area’s premier college vocal ensembles, Soundsation, under the direction of Kirk Marcy, while studying symphonic voice under Richard Asher.  During these formidable years, Jim had the opportunity to develop many useful skills that would serve him well as a professional musician. Not only did Jim get the opportunity to experience some live concerts by legendary jazz performers like the Count Basie Orchestra, Lambert Hendricks & Ross, Joe Williams, Louise Rose and more, as part of the music department he worked with his classmates to put the concerts on and helped the college host thousands of jazz students to the festivals.  As a choir student, Jim was fortunate enough to have been involved in two tours of Europe for the Montreaux Jazz Fest in Switzerland, taking in North Sea, Switzerland's 700th anniversary concert, a show at Euro-Disney, and a few weeks singing at castles along the way.  Being a part of symphonic choir gave Jim yet another invaluable set of skills. Here Jim learned the art of blending with a much bigger group in a much different style of vocalizing, growing an appreciation for classical works and the knowledge of how to properly use and treat his most precious instrument; his voice.

Throughout the years, Jim has spent time carving out a place in the regional A Cappella world as co-founder of the award-winning vocal band, Kickshaw, a group who has seen all of its original members go on to make more music, and in one case watching and supporting as their youngest singer made it all the way to the finals of American Idol.  During their time together, and in continued partnership Pacific Rim Talent, Kickshaw (feat. D. Figgins, A. Marshall, D. Shoemaker, J. Moulton, B. Lewis) traveled all over the western U.S., opening for acts such as Huey Lewis and the News, Crystal Gayle, Take 6 and many others; spending much of their time in the Pacific Northwest playing hundreds of shows around the Seattle area. The ensemble was always warmly welcomed, singing the national anthem at major sporting events and performing for festivals, concert series, and as guest performers for the grand opening of Experience Music Project (MoPop) as well as extensive touring of schools, where they included students in their workshops and stage shows by working up improvisational arrangements and inviting the kids to join in with their own ideas.  Early on, the group took their vocalizing to another level with the implementation of guitar and bass FX as well as five distinctly different styles of vocal percussion; emerging as the area’s most exciting ‘vocal band’.  Kickshaw released two full-length albums in their eight year run, including the turn of the millennium hit, 'Superstar', which showcased the depth of writing, arranging, and vocal talent present in the group.  Within that stand of music are fitting tributes to Sly, the Temps, John, Paul, George, Ringo and Kravitz.  They followed up with 'Put it in the Microphone', featuring their final studio incarnation and pressing the A Cappella boundaries with new beats, new sounds, and a totally new set of original recordings.

Somewhere out there, Jim picked up the electric bass; soon finding himself writing moderate rock with veteran songwriter, K. Shirey, in an adventure that would take him to new musical places. With a unique power-trio, Jim filled out the sound as a ‘one man rhythm section’; providing the steady beat of live vocal percussion (beat box) loops, as well as playing bass and sharing vocal duties with multi-instrumentalist and aspiring magician, L. Hirschman.  This project, as well as their six piece NW rock band (feat. S. Larson, D. Franklin, J. Wilson, A. Zehrung) played every bar, club and party from Eastlake to Bellingham and beyond, highlighting their time together with some of the most energetic original rock music you’ve never heard.

2015 brought the musical universe a new set of original songs in the form of Jim’s debut collection on Beatbox Soul, a self-produced rhythm & vocal-driven album that highlights the artist's easy going style and skilled beatbox production, providing 95% of the drums.  A concept album at its core, this project was DIY all the way. Jim recorded each track, one by one, to produce a full length professional quality release that has listeners setting their CD players to 'repeat all'.  This album contains songs about nature, the nature of things and the world around us. It observes the nuance and intermingle of past and present; technology and natural course; people and places; life and love.