o  r  i  g  i  n  a  l    j  i  m

As a performing musician, writing and arranging his own songbook,

this next-generation artist continues to grow into the sound

of his unique compact 'Solo Band' setup.  










“I discovered that music and rhythm was in my soul,

not just something I did.  It was me”

Studio Sound

​​He takes control of the rhythms, puts the groove into every part,

every pass; creating more and more synergy with each new layer.




Photo by Jeff McKeown

Rustica Cafe`

Pioneer Way

​Oak Harbor, WA

Groove - Driven Pop, Soul & Blues with a hint of Jazz​​


S  O  L  O    B  A  N  D 

T H A N K   Y O U   F O R   L I S T E N I N G

Jim’s debut solo record, ‘Beatbox Soul’, holds a treasure trove of vocal percussion, steady grooves, catchy melodies, lush vocals, electric tastes and acoustic moods.

Check out the listening station on our music page to hear samples from Jim's live performances as well as his debut studio album


Like a musical octopus, Jim utilizes his guitar, voice, keyboard, a few carefully chosen foot pedals,

and a fresh approach to percussion to sound more like a small band than a solo act.

Bookings ~


​Oak Harbor, WA




D e b u t   A l b u m   A v a i l a b l e   A l m o s t   E v e r y w h e r e  !

Live Audio Samples

A Concept Refined

What comes through is almost like musical performance magic, where the listeners/observers see what they see and hear 

what they hear, often having a time reconciling the two.

S O L O   B A N D

 Jim presents his solo music by forming precise and

confident loops that could almost stand on their own. 

2018 includes:

REEF ~ Boise, ID 4/11

Freeland Cafe` Lounge 4/21

Rustica 4/28

Brown Lantern Anacortes, WA 5/2

Bloom's Winery 5/13

Decibel Brewing ~ Sunday afternoon music ~ 5/20

and more to come . . .

~  Photo by Jeff McKeown  ~

Original Jim is a 'Solo Band' Musical Project from Northwest Performing Songwriter, Jim Castaneda.


Forged from Vocal Jazz and A Cappella, and honed on pop, rock & blues in the shadow of the Seattle scene,

Jim sets up a solid foundation for his tunes with creative arrangements, tasty improvisation,

strong vocals, rhythmic guitars, a little keyboard and a unique way to the groove.

S  I  N  G  E  R   /   S  O  N  G  W  R  I  T  E  R