Jim's musical journey to develop a songwriting voice has been focused on writing and arranging in a style of music he's been referring to as 'Beatbox Soul' ;

a combination of traditional instrumentation such as guitar and keyboard, with multi-layered vocals, all backed up by the live loops of vocal percussion or 'beatbox' drums.

  Jim released his first solo project in March of 2015 to music fans worldwide.
'Beatbox Soul' offers up a range of style, from a bluesy soul-rock to some
trot-pop shuffles to waltz and a little disco flavor added in for good measure. 
This old-school type album is a fine sampling of the musical mind of
the project's artist, producer, writer and studio engineer.

 Currently, Jim is booking his solo project into the music and art scene,
working to build on his promising career while sharing his talents
with audiences everywhere.

~ A Fresh Set of Original Music from a Multi-Talented Songwriter grown in the Pacific Northwest ~



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Taking beatbox drums to the main stage with his unique approach to creating the groove,

Jim hits the rhythmic target as a ‘one man band’; multi-looping original compositions into full form live arrangements while showcasing his vocal talent, melodies and improvisational style.





      A Modern one man band

Utilizing his guitar, a strong voice, his natural sense of rhythm, and the unique art of vocal percussion, Jim performs songs that are catchy and heartfelt with a groove all their own.

Relay For Life 'Tour' 2016 Photo Journal:

C o m i n g   S o o n .

~  Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Performer, Multi - Instrumentalist and Live Looping Artist  ~

'Original Jim' is the Beatbox-Driven solo project of Pacific Northwest  performing songwriter, Jim Castaneda

Original Jim

Each song is stamped with his original musical signature:

A bluesy soul-groove powered by live beatbox multi-loops, rhythm guitar and lush, jazzy vocals.

The Band

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