~  Not only does this artist write, arrange, produce, record and perform his own material, he is continually developing a new genre' he coins 'Beatbox Soul'  ~ 

~  Taking a creative approach to defining his own place in the live music business as a 'Solo Band'  ~

The  Band

Original Jim is The ‘Solo Band’ Musical Project from Northwest Performing Songwriter, Jim Castaneda.


Forged from the vocal jazz and a cappella scenes, and honed on pop, rock, folk, country and blues,

Jim sets up a solid foundation for his tunes with creative arrangements, tasty improvisation,

strong vocals, rhythmic guitars, live-looping and a fresh approach to the drums.

March 4th

Original Jim's debut solo record, 'Beatbox Soul', holds a treasure trove of steady vocal percussion grooves, lush vocals, electric tastes and acoustic moods.

   S O L O   B A N D  ~   S I N G E R / S O N G W R I T E R    

Original Jim

March 9th and 23rd Also !

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Jim took these

Original Jim Live

photo by Larry Star

“I discovered that music and rhythm was in my soul, not just something I did.  It was me”

~  Photo by Jeff McKeown  ~

March 26th

~  Photo by Jeff McKeown  ~